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    About Us

    Who are we? Information about us

    Our Pledge

    Our mission is to create exceptional events that capture your vision and inspire your audience.

    Our Philosophy

    In the world of special events and meetings, it’s all about the experience—the experia— pulls it all together with unparalleled professionalism and service. We believe in creating inspiring events that feature a uniquely personal touch.

    Our Expertise

    We excel at providing personalized service with a creative flair for developing unique brand experiences. Experia manages every type and style of corporate events. From incentive trips to product launches to road show to conference to exhibition booth – in short everything which comes under the domain of events and MICE, we work with leading companies in India to ensure that their objectives are met and exceeded—with brilliant, memorable results.

    Our Team

    Our friendly, flexible and multicultural team is comprised of Project Managers, Production Coordinators, Special Event Managers, and team Partners located in key markets throughout India and abroad.



    • events


      We are more than event planners; we are experts at creating unique experiences that bring your brand to life We work in close partnership with you to deliver exceptional events according to your strategic goals and in line with your budgetary requirements.

    • exhibition


      Experia offers a different style and innovative approach in our exhibition design concepts and solutions. We are designing and constructing for companies who are looking for a beautifully design that reflects their corporate identity. We offer innovative exhibition stand design for the perfect trade fair appearance

    • conference


      From half-day meetings to complete convention services for a week or more, businesses turn to us for our professionalism and commitment to meeting their specific event planning needs. Experia provides the same personalized service and results-oriented approach to clients of all sizes.


    Who are we? Information about us


    Delivering Results for Our Clients

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    Contact Person

    Prem Jain

    Contact Address

    Experia Marketing Solution Pvt.Ltd.
    1525, Wazir Nagar,
    New Delhi - 110003

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